About Kennel and Cattery Design

Raise the standards, expectations & design of kennels and catteries.

Providing a source of advice, information and help if you're thinking about building, upgrading or maintaining a kennels or cattery.

Build the best standard of kennels or cattery you can, to match both the animals' needs and create a building that is easy to maintain, reducing stress and promoting a healthy environment for dogs.

It is important that you spend your build money wisely and have help to ensure that you have the means to do this. You'll want to become highly successful and for you and your customers to be delighted with your kennels.

Reach the animal welfare standards everyone should aim for when running a kennels or cattery - for yourselves, your animals and the success of your organisation.

Think deeply about the style & quality of business
you want to create... quality & caring kennels
are always in demand.

Hoping you enjoy the website, that it inspires you and that it helps you realise your dream too.

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