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How to find out if it's the right kennels property ...
You will find our Kennels Property Audit extremely useful for assessing and comparing properties

This "fill-in and complete" property audit will assist you when viewing and purchasing either an existing kennels business, new site OR your existing property - with a view to building a kennels. Coolheadedly compare ALL properties you visit for best price negotiation.
Nobody else does a survey for new/potential kennels property!

This is a survey report which includes tips, suggestions & encouragement to assess properties ON YOUR OWN
for physical, practical, environmental, business, building or maintenance problems, potential costs and planning/ zoning permission characteristics.

Purely kennels-related property tips that a surveyor would NEVER KNOW to look for or be able advise you on!

FREE with the Starting a Kennels Kit


Members: Have you read our Membership articles on:
Buying an existing kennels or
Funding a kennels business or
Buy an existing property or start from scratch? or our
Kennels Finance page or Kennels Finance article?

On this page:-
1. Useful aids & services for property-buying
2. Kennel & Cattery property for sale (existing businesses)
3. Property with land/ Rural property agents (build from scratch)

Useful aids & services when buying property:-

UK - Ordnance Survey www.ordnancesurvey.co.uk
Get to-scale maps for your site. A scale of either 1:500 or 1:200 is normally sufficient to show building lines etc. (See our Project Management article for more info)

UK - UpMyStreet & Homecheck
We found these extremely useful property checks (UK only, sorry) - and they're free. Find out what's in the neighbourhood, potential environmental problems & lots of details for your business plan...

(logo) Up My Street
Find out more
about your area!
» Public transport
» Property prices
» Find My Nearest...™
» Area Profile
» School results
» Council performance
» ...and much more!
Enter your postcode:

Kennels & Cattery - existing business property for sale:-


UK, USA, Australia, Spain etc)

Pet Businesses For Sale by owner
(UK, USA, Australia...)

Boarding Kennels for sale,
Boarding Catteries for sale,
Grooming, PetSitting Businesses for sale


American Boarding Kennels Association (USA)
www.petcareservices.org - Classified Ads

Boarding Kennels for Sale (USA)
BoardingKennelsForSale.com - adverts by kennel owners

Kennels & Horse Farms (USA)
Real estate broker specializing in kennel properties. We work mainly in the Southeastern United States, but occasionally have properties in other areas of the states

Kennel Sales (UK)
Selling boarding kennel & cattery businesses throughout the UK. Established 1985. No sale no fee. Request list of properties. Phone: 01277 356641

Businesses-for-sale.co.uk (UK)
Pet Businesses For Sale by owner (UK, USA, Australia...)
Boarding Kennels for sale,
Boarding Catteries for sale,
Grooming, PetSitting Businesses for sale

StartInBusiness.co.uk (UK)
East Anglia, London, East Midlands, West Midlands, South East, South West, Northern


Central Business Agency (UK)

Property Agency. Business transfer & commercial property specialits, valuers & surveyorsPhone: 01865 241381

Kennels Agency (UK)
Property Agency. Experienced in the sale of boarding kennels & catteries in the UK. Established 1965. No sale no fee. Free catalogue of 100 properties for sale throughout the UKPhone: 01362 698855

Daltons - Kennel/Cattery Businesses for Sale
www.daltonsbusiness.com for businesses for sale by owner

Property with land/rural property for sale:-

Tip on Searching:
It can save a LOT of search time if you use the specific 'land/rural' searcheson websites that combine lots of estate agents' properties.
Tip on checking a property's area:

To check the local environment & community statistics & amenties for any property, use the search tools:
Useful aids & services
for property-buying (above)
includes local amenties, how many vets, animal centres, pet shops, flood areas etc

Prime Location
A really good site combining many/most of the land estate agents. It's a good idea to use the 'keyword search - and type in "acre, paddock" which will pull up all the properties with land.

Direct link to 'keyword search'
You can search on up to 3 counties at any one time, very useful especially as you can get interesting properties which might just be over the border of the ones you are looking to move to.

We personally found 'Prime Location' to be the most consistently
useful website - time-saving & hassle-saving

Rural Scene
Although their properties are listed in Prime Location (above), this site is worth a mention to anyone looking for a rural property with land to start a rural business.
I found this site very useful when I was finding it hard to locate a suitable property within budget - it gave me confidence that there were suitable properties out there, even if some of them were out of our geographical or budget range - be prepared to 'drool' over some of these though!

Team Prop
Another useful site which combines many estate agents' properties.
Search by location AND amenities:
Useful search which allows you to narrow down, or widen your search to very specific areas (eg anywhere between 1 & 50 miles of a location name or postcode). You can choose either 'paddock' or 'rural situation' to find properties of interest.

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