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Builder quotations & guidance...

Get accurate builder quotations and avoid common & costly kennel-building mistakes made by builders

The Specification Manual has been created with our blueprints in mind, but could equally be used for other designs.

This Building Specification contains detailed information which will help your builder price up your project accurately, avoid the common and costly mistakes builders make when building kennels

In PDF format for instant download!

The Building Specification is a collection of PDF documents which aim to help ensure the kennel owner has a full list of costs, price variations & standards required

...And all up front - so that you have a detailed breakdown of what the build will cost, how long it will take, where responsibilities lie, and the standard to which the kennels should be built.

Builders are often unaware of just how robust & specialised a kennel building needs to be.

This building specification will help to ensure those areas are all covered.

We know that setting up & running kennels is your dream
We want to help ensure your kennel building lives up to all your expectations & is built as smoothly, easily & cost-effectively as possible.

So, having such a detailed breakdown of costs & workmanshipat your fingertips should save you, your architect/surveyor & your builder an enormous amount of time, research, stress and, of course, money

What PDF documents make up the Building Specification Manual?

  1. Welcome, Contents & Navigating your PDF digital downloads
  2. What to do Next
  3. Potential Cost Variations
  4. Preliminaries
  5. Construction Specification
  6. Pricing Summary
  7. Photgraphic Reference
  8. Suggested Suppliers


3 page PDF digital document for immediate download!

Welcome, Contents & Navigating your PDFs

Welcome letter & contact details

Contents list & description

Different ways to navigate the PDF documents


FREE with any document or the whole set

8 page PDF digital document for immediate download!

What to Do Next:

10 Step Guide on what to do once you have kennel blueprints.

Helps ensure you have covered all requirements before commencing work.

6 page PDF digital document for immediate download!

Possible Cost Variations:

21 potential cost variations you should be aware of before starting your kennels build.

Checklist for possible extra costs that could be associated with your project - which depend on your particular site.

Designed to help you handle 'hidden' or 'surprise' building costs.

Your kennels build variations can be plus or minus - so you can easily see where extra costs are incurred, and where you save money

17 page PDF digital document for immediate download!

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Preliminaries Specification for Quotations:

Preliminaries are considerations which are not part of the building work itself, but may have implications for you and the building contractor.

Preliminaries include costs & considerations to be decided before, or in preparation of your kennels build - such as access, bathroom facilities, water supply, electricity, materials storage, security, plant & equipment.

If the building contractor is to provide any preliminary items this must be agreed in their pricing.

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To be used with:
Price Summary (below)

46 page PDF digital document for immediate download!

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Construction Specification for Quotations:

A Construction Specification or Brief includes details of the work required to build your kennels and the materials to be used.
(Although a great deal of this information will be shown on drawings, it is still advisable to explain workmanship & quality requirements.)

Many disputes in domestic construction work are about what should have been included in the building contractor’s price. A detailed Brief/Specification will avoid most of these building problems and ensure that when you are comparing contractors’ quotations, they are pricing the same thing.

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To be used with:
Price Summary (below)

14 page PDF digital document for immediate download!

Price/Quotation Summary:

Summary of the cost of building your kennels, an easy reference for you & your builder.

Helps give you an easy comparison between different builder quotations & ensure they are like-for-like and haven't missed anything out now, which will be a surprise later!

Building Contractors should break down their price for several reasons:

  • A summary is useful when comparing competing prices
  • Some items can be omitted or altered to suit your budget
  • It can show where contractors allow for different things
  • It makes calculation of staged payments easier
  • It makes pricing any additional work easier

To be used with:
and the Construction Spec
(see above)

12 page PDF digital document for immediate download!

Photographic Reference:
This photo reference is an easy to understand, visual representation to describe various finishing details that may be required for your kennels - and also some of the things that can go wrong!

The aesthetics of the finished job will be what you see and work with every day, so it is well worth considering how things should look and function.

Try to visualise every element of the finished work. You cannot assume that the building contractor will ‘know’ what you want, do everything to your liking, or fully appreciate the requirements of your kennel building & business - you must show them examples or explain it to them!

8 page PDF digital document for immediate download!

Suggested Suppliers:
List of suppliers, products and their website addresses or contact details.

You/your building contractor can use these examples to find suitable materials & products for your kennels (or just use them as examples of the quality required for your builder & find local alternatives)

Specific suppliers/ products have been added to the Spec to ensure like-for-like quotations & to describe the quality required to be fit for purpose (rather than the builder possibly 'substituting' for an inferior product that may not stand the wear & tear of kennels


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