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"Thank you so much, every time I go in the kennels I appreciate how well designed they are, and how quick they are to clean!"
(Jane Cole, Devon UK Gentian Hill Kennels)
"We are extremely proud of our new facility. I had someone call me about David's designs - they wanted to know what I thought - of course I told them we are thrilled!

When you build quality, and operate with caring responsible ethics - people will come!

Our first summer is over and we have been a huge success -
all the local vets have been recommending us and word of mouth has gone like wild fire! "
(Cindy Howlett, Ontario, Canada The Pet Ranch
October 2006 )
"Whhoooooooo Hooooooooooo...!!!
I just got them! I am doing the Happy Dance!!!....

I am very excited and of course - receiving the plans today made this very realfor me... after lots of research, materials, land etc.. this is actually the first hard physical evidence I have - that what I want is real...right before my eyes so to speak!

Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you...by they way did I say Thank You!!!!

Building Spec Manual - is being printed out as we speak! To finally have something in my hand was great!

To see Westville listed on your locations page was wonderful!!!!!

I will keep you updated as I go! Am submitting the blueprints to selected contractors this coming week!!
Wendy King, Indiana USA, Bed & Biscuit
Jan 2007

Blueprints for Dog Hotels

We are currently working on a new brochure with dog hotel designs later this year (I can't give a date yet, sorry!). If you would like me to email you as soon as they are available please email Kay .

Blueprints for Kennels

Our generic blueprints are suitable for rescue, boarding, working dog, or professional breeding & showdog b uildings.
We also provide bespoke blueprints (one-off's).

We provide complete sets of high standard plans - created to keep building costs balanced & reasonable (neither very basic, nor extravagant). Designed to give you great flexibility, for adapting and running the kennels.

There are various option for 10, 12, 16 and 20 kennel designs - as these are the most affordable numbers of kennels to build whilst providing a good income.

Our kennel blueprints are designed with extensive knowledge of good practice & pitfalls:

  • Creating 'good' kennel design
    Well-designed kennels are less stressful for dogs and therefore quieter, safer & built for dog welfare needs. They are easy for staff to clean & work in and can cope with the harsh wear & tear. They are built to last, a sound future investment, and have 'wow' factor to provide a higher income from caring dog owners who want lovely, happy places for their dog to stay

  • Avoiding 'bad' kennel design
    Badly-designed kennels: cause stress, injury and illness, they are noisy, have poor drainage, are difficult and time-consuming to clean, have ongoing maintenance and costs, can be dangerous for dogs and staff, incorrect or low quality finishes become shabby quickly, and confine you to a lower income because they attract the dog owners who just look for the cheapest kennels

Suitable for a startup kennel, just the right size to make a good basic income & repay the cost of building. A startup kennel would also helps prove the business 'viability' should you be applying for finance or grants.

Also suitable for an existing kennel business expansion.

You can avoid future design costs if you extend the business in the future, because you can re-use the plans.

Our kennel blueprints provide a more time & cost-effective solution for you because they are:

  • Readily available (no starting from scratch, no reinventing the wheel, no extra fee for each change - it's all ready to go straight to planning/ zoning or the building contractor)

  • Designed to give you the right balance between good quality buildings & a reasonable construction budget

  • Takes months/years off your schedule (no waiting - hand straight over to your planning authority/builder/architect)

  • Drainage - getting it right (the biggest bugbear to kennel owners)

  • Specification documents option (see below) which will save you money, time & hassle


Builder Quotes & Guidance
Any owner who has ever built kennels will tell you builders know little about getting such a specialised building right!

Builders will not be able to provide accurate quotations unless they understand exactly the building specification (standards and requirements) you will need.

As most customers are new or unpractised in building kennels, any requirements are an unknown to them too, so we provide this with our Building Specification.

  • Builder Quotations can be handed straight over with our blueprints, so that builders can prepare accurate quotations using the methods & materials specified

  • Builder Guidance specifies precise details on how to build the kennels, and avoid costly & irritating mistakes builders always make with kennel projects


Customer Build Locations
Our blueprints are suitable for building worldwide using materials that are readily available.

Our customers are located in: USA, UK, Canada, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, France, Italy, Cyprus, Greece, Norway, Nigeria, Romania, South Africa (see build locations for full list)


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