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Discover how to start your dream kennels or dog hotel AND save yourself 6 months research time...

1: Discover if starting a boarding kennels is right for you.

2: Find out where to start creating a kennels that issuccessful and inundated with delighted, caring clients.

These 2 questions are the most important ones to ask when you are thinking about starting a boarding kennels business.

We help people start up, design and build kennels all the time, but wanted to help even more people than it's possible to talk to direct, so we created an easy-to-use online 'Kit' to help you take your first steps.

This kit has already helped 1105 dog lovers around the world.

  • 787 were thinking about starting kennels.
  • 302 already knew this was the lifestyle for them, but wanted reassurance and confirmation they're doing the right thing for themselves and their families.
  • The remaining few decided it wasn't for them at all!

The above figures are live (real-time). This kit really does help people "make the decision".

Do you dream of running your own kennels and completely changing your lifestyle and career to work with dogs?

Even today, with so much information on the internet - there is hardly any expert information on starting a kennels, and nothing else that helps you make this big decision with the depth of expertise you’re looking for.

This Kit is ideal for you if you don't know where to start and are wondering if it's right for you.

Like you, those who already have it wanted the comfort of being walked through the early stages with help, encouragement and reassurance.

"I just wanted to say 'Thank you' for your website as now I truly feel that I can get excited about realizing my dream of running a kennels.  I feel your website gave me the right to get excited. I feel as though my long dream will come true AND I will have support from experts will achieve it."

Shelley Leahy, Co. Kerry, Ireland

Why WE want you to get it right

Encouraging and supporting the right people to start kennels is essential.

  1. To improve the welfare and lives of dogs with knowledge & better standard kennels
    (we care because our background is in animal welfare).

  2. Pet owners are demanding more choice of better caring and professional kennels.

  3. To help new owners create businesses that are extraordinarily successful - much more so than typical kennels - which rewards them personally and financially for the extra-special thought and care they've invested.

Who are the right people to start kennels?

They are caring people who are willing to invest enough time, money and thought into their business to create the best kennels they can. They deserve every support and encouragement possible to get started.

"Finding your website was a god-send!"

Michele Duval Lane, Cognac, France (soon to be Toronto, Canada!)

"I am an RSPCA Inspector so fully understand many of the aspects covered by the [kit] course. It was really useful however, to be reminded of all the different things to consider for such a business venture. Super website thanks. I have also purchased the book from Amazon"

Amanda Lovett, Alsager

To be successful and create a kennels to be proud of...

You have to be genuinely interested, dedicated, even passionate about learning as much as you can on dog welfare, kennels standards. You need to care enough to do something better, or even extraordinary. Provide a fantastic service so that customers will do your marketing for you and recommend you to all their friends!

This is just the sort of person we want to help! Is that you?

If you 'want to do it right' (thankfully a phrase we hear often!) you will be so much more successful, happy, and financially better off.

You'll be able to charge higher fees that match your higher standards, so you can build less units and spend more time with the dogs you are looking after. It's a job in a million!!!

Can you see how much more enjoyable and fun it will be to work this way? You'll be successful - and you will make a MUCH better income!

There just aren't enough kennels like this. When our clients start up their new kennels and exceed all expectations, what happens is that their customers start booking multiple holidays as soon as they find such an inspiring, professional and caring kennels.

The Starting Kennels Kit

5 Things it will do for you:

  1. Discover if it's right for you

  2. Find out where to start

  3. Answers the Top 10 startup questions

  4. Brings you confidence and reassurance by knowing where you are, what you need to do

  5. Available with instant online access with a 90 day money back Guarantee


Decide & Start Faster

Did you know that most people take 1-to-2 YEARS from just thinking about starting their kennels, to actually getting it built?... but we can reduce this by 6 months OFF your research time!

No waiting for the post!

The Kit is available online
(i.e. via this website)
so there's NO waiting, as
you get immediate access!

Starting a Boarding Kennels or Luxury Dog Hotel

Online access for 1 year

Get started now

Save 6 months research


What's in the Starting Kennels Kit?

PART 1: Is it right for me?

It's a BIG decision for anyone. To change your lifestyle, your career and maybe your home, start your own business, build a special kennels building. Exciting - but a big decision! This is probably the biggest challenge and investment you will ever make - so you need to be absolutely confident.

So we created the Kit with all the things you want to know about starting a kennels. But we didn't stop there - the kit also includes the information to help you decide and how to feel confident it's right for you - as well as where you should start.


PART 2: Where do I start?

“I would love to open a boarding kennels/ kennels to run myself. I just don’t have a clue how to begin - HELP!!!”

If you’re feeling like this, we understand exactly the frustration you are going through right now. The same is true of any business, but particularly so for a boarding kennels where you are caring for, and completely responsible for the dogs and puppies in your care. But the truth is that the hardest part of thinking about starting a boarding kennels is just the frustration of not knowing where to start!

"It's good to know you have someone you can turn to in times of crisis or uncertainty. I shall be buying your book and no doubt visiting your site again and again, very comprehensive for beginners."

Steve Halsey, Slough (not for much longer hopefully!), UK

"I didn't know how to start and you gave me a lot of things to think about! Now I am seriously thinking about opening a kennels. I will start on my research and hope for the best!
Thank you for such an informative website! It was most helpful!"

Sheri Lockhart, British Columbia, Canada

Answers to the Top 10 questions that everyone starting a kennels asks:

  1. Where do I start?

  2. Do I need a licence?

  3. What legislation applies?

  4. Do I need qualifications or experience?

  5. Do I need planning/zoning permission?

  6. How do I find out more about the lifestyle?

  7. Do I buy an existing property or build new kennels?

  8. How will I know if my property is in a good location?

  9. How do I prove the need for a new kennels in this area?

  10. What makes a good/bad kennels? (I want to do something better/special)

Once you know the answers your confidence will soar!


We give you guidance and encouragement...

“I felt like you were talking to US!"

If it feels like we’re talking to you directly, then that’s because we are! It’s like having a marathon conversation with us, getting all the best tips and advice – but in a way that makes it easy for you to come back to, and find out in your own time and at your own pace.

We’ve taken all the questions, queries and phone calls we’ve had, all the examples and help we give and turned all that valuable information into this Kit.

"Excellent brainstorming ! It really did get me thinking and help me grasp the different elements involved.
I knew opening a Boarding Facility was what I wanted to do - and this confirms this - but now I feel confident I can make it work. Thanks!"

(from Nadine Henchoz, Haute Savoie, France)

"Excellent, very helpful and informative. Just what I needed!"

(from Allyson White, Cologne, Germany)

With all the information here, you can get started on your own right now, with no outside help! We’ve brought all the essential information to you to get you started and build your confidence.

Guaranteed to help you make your decision, give you confidence in what you're doing and show you the steps to get started! No more tearing your hair out trying to look things up on the web, wondering who you can/can’t or should/shouldn’t be talking to. No wondering whether you are getting the best advice or not!

"I have enjoyed your website enormously.
Whilst reading through the site and completing your [kit] course I have contacted my [licensing officer] and they are sending their application forms and are arranging to come out to see the proposed site! I will also be ordering your book through Amazon"

Karen Rogerson, Norfolk, UK

This Kit will give you the guidance you need at this stage in your dream – it’s easy to read and understand – and you’ll have FUN learning more about yourself and what you want to achieve. That’s a promise!

Encouraging MORE Caring Kennels

We want to encourage the right people to start high quality, luxury kennels & dog hotels with CONFIDENCE, FASTER and create more great places for dogs to stay.

yours to keep, whatever you decide!

To encourage you to start up a high quality kennels, we're offering these THREE fantastic bonuses absolutely FREE:

1st Free Gift

Is Running a Boarding Kennels Right for You?
(PDF eBook)

This eBook will actually help you DECIDE if running a boarding kennels is right for you... AND start to pull together your ideas!

Nobody else does a questionnaire to assess kennels owner suitability to make your decision!

This "fill-in and complete" eBook looks at the next stages in MUCH more detail. Helps you think through the actual day-to-day elements of running a kennels, your vision for the type of kennels business you want to create, and gives you starter information to prompt you for all your image, marketing materials and website.

It will help you plan for and achieve the ambitions and ideals you have for your kennels into EVERYTHING -- the design, the image, your logo, your marketing materials and website, the customers you will attract, and how you want your kennels to run.

Yours FREE with your 'Starting a Kennels Kit'!

2nd Free Gift

Kennels Property Audit
(PDF eBook)

Assists you when viewing or purchasing either a new or existing kennels business, whether on new site OR your existing property.

Logically compares ALL properties you visit for best price negotiation. Nobody else does a survey for new/potential kennels property!

This is a survey report which includes tips, suggestions & encouragement to assess properties YOURSELF
for physical, practical, environmental, business, building or maintenance problems, potential costs and planning/ zoning permission characteristics.

Contains purely kennels-related property tips that a surveyor would NEVER KNOW to look for or be able advise you on.

FREE with your 'Starting a Kennels Kit'

3rd Free Gift

Buying or Selling a Boarding Kennels: HOT TIPS from a leading agent/realtor.
(PDF eBook)

With over 21 years of helping people buy kennels and kennel businesses, and helping kennels owners sell their businesses - a leading UK kennels and cattery property sales agent reveals the hottest tips for buying an existing kennels business.

  • What to look out for when considering purchasing
  • Learn the mistakes that buyers and sellers make
  • Things that can go wrong when buying a property, what to look out for
  • How to make the most of your investment and show your business in the best light, whether you are buying or selling a kennels property
  • How to look at seller lack of planning to negotiate your best price

Yours FREE with your 'Starting a Kennels Kit'

Test the kit for yourself, let it help you make the decision about whether it is right for you to start up a kennels - with confidence, try out as many of the steps and recommendations as you like in your own time. Once you realise the joy of having all the information you need on starting a kennels at your fingertips (and the confidence to go ahead) I’m confident you'll NEVER want to give that knowledge back!

We believe in this Kit being able to give you the answers you want so much that we offer a 90 day guarantee - because we KNOW it provides the answers you're looking for at this stage.

3 guaranteed eBooks, no matter what you decide!

And if that doesn't encourage the right people to start up - please write to me & tell me what you think would!!!

Immediate Access

Because your Kit is online (you just set up your own password to access it) - there's no waiting for the post, no paying for shipping - you can start your research right away. Just click the button/link PayPal gives you.

90 day money-back Guarantee

Take 90 days to use your Kit. If you are not satisfied that it has helped you discover if starting a kennels is right for you and how to get started - I will refund you completely. If you're not delighted to have all this start up information and help on discovering if it's right for you - at your fingertips, just call or email Kay within 90 days for a complete 100% refund. No questions. No hassles.

Even if you cancel, you will still get to keep the fantastic THREE free eBooks as my way of encouraging those who really are caring enough about dogs to get all the right kennels start up information.

Thank you very much. We are currently in process of purchasing small kennels and I found your website is very helpful.

from Takako Diddams, Hertfordshire UK

"Thank you so much for all the advice you have given me, I did indeed read the where to start bit first! and the downloads are fabulous, Im feel like Im reading for England but I want to be aware of as much as I can before I open my kennels!

I really enjoyed the 'Where to Start', I think you have written it exceptionally well. It really made me think in depth about my own ambition to realise my dream, and to look at it from a realistic point of view, its very easy to see your dream through rose coloured glasses I think!"

from Carol Crowhurst in Essex, UK


Starting a Kennels Kit + 3 FREE GIFTS

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Kennel Design book


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Cattery Design book

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If starting a kennels is your dream, we will do everything we can to help you achieve it if it's right for you. Remember, we'll be here to help you every step of the way, and that there are already thousands of caring dog owners who really want to find lovely,caring places for their dogs to stay.

Kay & David Key

P.S: These 3 FREE GIFTS yours to keep whatever you decide

  • We offer a 100% money back 90 day Guarantee

  • 3 fantastic FREE GIFTS are yours to keep - it's our way of encouraging and helping the right people to start up a kennels. Remember, the Kit will be a business expense - so keep your receipt so you can claim it back once you start your kennels business.

  • Access the Kit online for a whole year - and/or save it to your computer - so you can take the first steps to starting your kennels right now. It's so easy to use, you'll be ready to move onto the next stage in no time!

If there's other questions I haven't answered here, please look at our FAQ page (frequently asked questions) or you can find out more on us in our About us page

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